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Justė’s Success Story

Aros Marine success stories are back! Lawyer Justė Miškinienė‘s story in Aros Marine began in May 2019, when she joined the Law and Administration department and soon became a part of its everyday activity. After just a bit more than half a year Justė had a unique opportunity to lead one of the last year‘s strategic […]
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Women in Aros Marine #Inga Rakitaitė-Petrauskienė

In the newest “Women in Aros Marine” article, we interviewed Inga Rakitaitė – Petrauskienė, the Head of Administration in Aros French branch: Inga, what do You think are the major challenges of a modern female leader? Probably the most common challenge is to balance work and family, even more so for women who have a […]
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Women in Aros Marine #Jurga Šiugždinytė

We are now all used to seeing strong independent women achieving their career goals and gaining positions of power. The most amazing thing is how they manage to juggle work and family in the 100%-efficiency-oriented reality which our world has become. The “Women in Aros Marine” series of articles are going to be dedicated to […]
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