Flooring works | Finishing around windows | Mounting of instrument consoles | Ceiling | Window ledge | Doors | Sun blinds | Furniture mounting | Wood works


Floating floors | Heated floor | Floor top coverings | Wet units | Walls | Ceiling | Doors | Furniture


Floating floors | Heated floor | Floor top coverings | Wet units | Walls | Ceiling | Doors | Furniture


Flooring | Walls | Ceiling | Doors | Handrails


Flooring | Walls | Ceiling | Doors | Mounting of equipment


Insulation | Cladding | Paneling


HVAC is defined as a group of air conditioning, heating, cooling and ventilation systems which provides air quality and thermal comfort these systems play a major role in the comfort of passengers and crew.

When we are running short of fresh air – we appreciate every breath of it.


Vessel interior must be clean and presentable and kept in an orderly manner, whereas all internal systems – function perfectly. Constant maintenance and regular renovation ensures their reliable functioning and impeccable appearance.

Every two years each ship is usually scheduled to spend some time in dry-dock. This time is used for inspecting of the overall condition of the vessel, mechanical inspection, maintenance and repair, cleaning and painting the hull.


We develope considerable expertise at delivering electrical solutions:

  • Low voltage electric equipment and network
  • Security, fire-alarm, fire-detection systems
  • Lights, socket outlets, switchboards, door automations
  • Lighting mast, lighting control systems


UAB “Aros Marine” offers all galley and laundry equipment, standard furniture for crew accommodation on ferries, merchant vessels and utility boats.

Our product range includes beds, sleeping births, Pullman beds, sofas, cabinets, tables, sideboards, clothes lockers and bookcases.

& Engineering

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Aros Marine provides Interior and HVAC services for various types of vessels (cargo, passenger, specialized), meeting client’s needs and fulfilling a planned functional specificity of the vessel. Advanced project management and turnkey solutions ensure a complex preparation of the vessel to go onto the high seas. 

Top solutions

Project ases


  • The outfitting time on each ship was just 24 days and this was key deliverables in order to reach the correct time for completion in the ships. The deliveries were completed on time and delivered to the correct quality. Fosen Yard AS is very pleased with the good cooperation during four critical and very important Contracts for the Yard.

    Fosen Yard AS

    Purchasing Manager Stale Frengen

  • With the unique services and products that our company need to provide to our customers in the shipbuilding industry, we have to be able to count Aros Marine team that will provide us with quality custom made marine furnitures on time. That's the business you can trust.



Hygiene solutions

As a partner, we understand that current situation requires changes & we want to help our client...

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We constantly expand our team. Qualified and motivated professionals of the following fields are welcome to join our team:

  • Finishers
  • Furniture assemblers-carpenters
  • Joiners
  • Tinsmiths
  • Hull fitters (technicians)
  • Flooring specialists
  • Pipefitters
  • Ventilation system installers

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