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We are proud to take part in the client’s newly built and renovated ships. We both create history and experience so our direct clients and their passengers can be satisfied. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a huge and luxurious cruise ship or a small dredger - we still have the same purpose - to make sure our client is happy with the result and proud of it.

We are proud of our employees and employees are proud to be a part of the Aros Marine family. At Aros Marine every single employee, no matter his or her title, is important because they are part of “Ship you are proud of”.

Become a part of Aros Marine

We grow together with our employees as we share our success stories. We hope that one day we’ll share your story too.


The missing piece

You’re a part of it

Every single employee at Aros Marine is a part of a family that works together and understands the impact we all have towards the company and our clients.

Our brand asset, the missing triangle, symbolizes every single employee at Aros Marine and that we are happy to be a part of it.

Even though the triangle is a small part of the picture, it’s very noticeable once it’s missing. It’s the same with our employees- without them Aros Marine wouldn’t be the same as it is today!


Gintarė Budavičiūtė
Head of HR Production Division
Esmira Gurbanova
Head of HR Administration Division

You are already a part of Aros Marine family? Write an anonymous comment about your experience in our company.




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