Saulius | Success story

Saulius | Success story

In the beginning of 2019 Saulius Sakavicius started working in Aros Marine as a labourer on a vessel but thanks to his diligence and dutifulness after 6 months he was promoted to the position of assistant to Project Manager.

In autumn 2019 he got promoted once again and has been holding the transport manager position ever since in Klaipeda office.

We are proud of Saulius achievements so in light of that we prepared a few questions for him:

What is the favorite part about your job?

I love my job from A to Z, from the moment I come to work until I close the office door.

What inspire you the most?

The smiles from my colleagues.

What could you do non – stop?

I couldn’t do anything without a rest because I am only human.

But driving is my passion and hobby that not only calms me down but also inspires me to move forward, so if I didn’t need to rest, I could do it NON-STOP.

Please share one memory of a funny work related situation that you were involved in.

During the business trip, when I drove the company’s luxury car from Monaco to Klaipeda, a german police patrol stopped me and I had to answer a lot of tricky questions about where I got the car from. It’s funny to remember.