Nikita‘s Success Story

Nikita‘s Success Story

Meet our Project Manager, Nikita Kaliman. He has successfully steered the Hurtigruten Group‘s Trollfjord project to completion – not only the largest project in his career but also the most complex in Aros Marine history!

In 2019, Nikita joined our team as a carpenter, later transitioning to a foreman. Today, he stands as a successful Project Manager, contributing significantly to our achievements.

Nikita’s leadership style revolves around effective communication and a sharp eye for detail. He connects our clients with internal teams seamlessly, ensuring thriving collaboration. He is driven by results and relishes the collective efforts that make our projects excel.

e is a natural leader, known for his ability to balance the big picture and finer details. Delegation comes effortlessly to him, and his creative problem-solving propels our projects forward.

Nikita thrives on challenges and embraces complex projects with enthusiasm. His drive, coupled with the trust he enjoys from Aros, contractors, and teammates, fuels his commitment to excellence.