Aurimas’ Success Story

Aurimas’ Success Story

Meet Aurimas Barauskis, Head of Warehouse-Keepers, and a prime example of AROS MARINE commitment to professional growth and talent recognition, as he thrives on challenging logistics projects and leads a diverse team with unwavering positivity and expertise.

Four years ago, Aurimas started as Procurement Specialist, and from day one demonstrated an aptitude for logistics coordination, ensuring everything ran smoothly, greatly boosting our project efficiency. In spring of 2022, he got promoted to the role of Head of Warehouse-Keepers, leading a team of 12 colleagues in remote warehouses across France, Finland, Italy, and Poland, along with 4 warehouse colleagues in Lithuania.

A few words from Aurimas on his professional experience at Aros Marine: 
My professional satisfaction lies in the ability to apply my experience and drive change while embracing the diversity that characterizes each project. I thrive on the unique challenges presented by different processes, teams, and conditions, continually seeking improvement.

The opportunity to travel and work in various countries and on different projects has been transformative for me. It has not only allowed me to develop a better understanding of diverse cultures, lifestyles, and working principles, but also broadened my understanding of the world around me.

I firmly believe that maintaining a positiveoutlook, even in critical situations, is key to achieving success. It helps me in problem-solving and, I believe, in fostering a supportive work environment for my team.