Women in Aros Marine #Jolanta Lukošė

Women in Aros Marine #Jolanta Lukošė

In the newest “Women in Aros Marine” article, Jolanta Lukošė, the Aros Chief Legal Officer, is going to share her point of view about leadership:

What do you think are the major challenges of a modern female leader?

This is a very good question, and a broad one. On the one hand, it still happens – although not much in my experience – that women in business face challenges which in one way or another are related to gender. I am glad that women join organizations where they find genuine support. On the other hand, and though I am a woman myself, I always prefer to focus on human qualities and on how a person of whatever gender can contribute to the well-being of a company and colleagues, community and society. I believe that one is identified as a leader by what one does and how. That’s why, first and foremost, I would like to wish everyone, myself included, to maintain one’s own uniqueness and authenticity, not limiting it by any specific gender-related qualities.

Who inspires you (a colleague, famous person, other)?

I draw inspiration from simple things. I have the most admiration for people who have enough courage and freedom to be themselves, stand for their beliefs and listen to their inner voice.

We often hear that „time management is the key“, and finding the balance between career and family isn’t exactly a piece of cake. What three pieces of advice or useful tools could You recommend to your colleagues?

It really is important to plan your working hours properly. There is plenty of methods available and it is important to choose the one that works for you. For me, it makes sense to allocate some 15 minutes in the end of every workday for establishing priorities and task planning for the next day. In  doing so, it is crucial to be as realistic as possible, which also means to add some flexibility for the upcoming day. The biggest challenge though is to follow the plan!

What would be your pieces of advice to a newcomer?

I wish everyone whose career is about to take off to search for their own authentic path without trying to fit in or live up to someone else’s standards.