Woman in Aros Marine #Irina Mačiulytė

Woman in Aros Marine #Irina Mačiulytė

In the newest “Women in Aros Marine” article, Irina Mačiulytė, the Head of the HR department, is going to share her point of view about leadership:

What do you think are the major challenges of a modern female leader?

The biggest challenge is to build a trust-based culture between teams and individuals. During this process it is very important to earn people’s loyalty and create good synergy. I believe that the team captain always must lead by example.

Who inspires you (a colleague, famous person, other)?

My team is my biggest inspiration while the best revelation for thoughts and inner strength I gain during the times I spend walking in the forest.

We often hear that „time management is the key“, and finding the balance between career and family isn’t exactly a piece of cake. What three pieces of advice or useful tools could You recommend to your colleagues?


-Reserved time for yourself, your body and soul.

-Discover yourself in the work activity that is closest to your hobbies, so that there are no strict boundaries between work and personal life and the need to constantly look for a balance.

What would be your pieces of advice to a newcomer?

Identify your innate abilities, advantages over others. Improve not what you fail in or do not like, but your strongest skills!