Woman in Aros Marine #Brigita Pakalnienė

Woman in Aros Marine #Brigita Pakalnienė

In the newest “Women in Aros Marine” article, Brigita Pakalnienė, Communications Officer, is going to share her point of view about leadership:

Which do you think are the major challenges for a modern female leader?

I think the hardest part is to make the first step. All the obstacles are mostly only in our mind and we need to overcome them. Once you kick off as a leader every day is some sort of a challenge and one needs to remember why it all started, what pushed to take the leading position and what‘s the biggest motivation.

Who inspires you (a colleague, famous person, other)?

I am inspired by colleagues who discover benefits and importance of internal communication. This motivates me to move the mountains.

We often hear that „time management is the key“ and finding balance between career and family isn’t exactly a piece of cake. What three pieces of advice or useful tools could You recommend to your colleagues?

– Writing. Write everything: daily tasks, ideas, thoughts, goals, dreams. It helps to understand what is going on inside your head.

– Rest. Even if you are really busy take a break for 10 minutes with yourself and a cup of coffee, without colleagues, without a phone, refresh your thoughts and get back to work revitalized.

– Ask. Whenever you are not 100% sure what you have agreed with colleagues, you need to check and make sure you understood well. The update takes 30 seconds and it can save a lot of your time later on.

What would be your piece of advice to a newcomer?

Be yourself, communicate & ask questions, involve yourself into the business in order to become an integral part of the team in a short time.