Nature of work:

🚀 Efficient Company project management;
🚀 Organizing and coordinating the work of company workers and subcontractors;
🚀 Organizing workplaces for workers as well as creating necessary working conditions in accordance to production plans and schedule;
🚀 Planning time and resources needed to run a project;
🚀 Ensuring work completion and manufacturing output in accordance to the scope of work and deadlines stipulated in production plans and schedule;
🚀 Solving any work-related problems within the limits of your competence;
🚀 Cooperation with customers, subcontractors and other project-related organizations.
🚀 Evaluating the competence of workers when needed.

To be our perfect fit we expect you to have:

🚢 At least 3 years of manufacturing work experience in engineering-technical position;
🚢 Speak a foreign language (English, Russian);
🚢 Knowledge how to use Microsoft Office programmes, internet browsers, data files;
🚢 Have great communication skills;
🚢 Fluency in Lithuanian (both written and spoken);
🚢 Have driving licence (category B);
🚢 Knowledge of occupational safety and health, fire safety and environmental protection rules (advantage);

Becoming our team member, you may expect to gain:

✅ Opportunity to work with professionally skillful colleagues and exchange expertise, as well as to contribute to ongoing and future projects all over Europe and Scandinavia;
✅ Individual flexible business-trip schedule;
✅ Full board accommodation (no need for you to provide or pay for anything);
✅ Arranged and paid for travel;
✅ Opportunity to extend your knowledge – to take courses;
✅ To have an interesting, dynamic and responsible work, full of communication and cooperation;
✅ Both vertical and horizontal career growth opportunities!

SALARY: from 3500 EUR (NETO)

The particular amount of salary will be offered taking into account your work experience, competence and compliance with requirements under the job description.

Contact us now and join Aros Marine team.

Evelina Ščerek, Recruiter, +37066734334

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