Story 4

Nikita‘s Success Story

Meet our Project Manager, Nikita Kaliman. He has successfully steered the Hurtigruten Group‘s Trollfjord project to completion – not only the largest project in his career but also the most complex…
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Story 3

Aurimas’ Success Story

Meet Aurimas Barauskis, Head of Warehouse-Keepers, and a prime example of AROS MARINE commitment to professional growth and talent recognition, as he thrives on challenging logistics projects and leads a diverse…
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Story 1

Austėja‘s Success Story

We would like to shine the spotlight on Austėja Mylė. Starting her journey with us as a lawyer, Austėja now leads her own team as the Head of our…
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Story 2

Justas’ Success Story

Recently, AROS MARINE has been filled with inspiring promotions that reflect our dedication to personal and professional development. One of such professional growth stories is that of Justas Šimašius. Starting his career with us…
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Vidmanto sėkmės istorija

Kviečiame susipažinti – Sutarčių vadybininkas Vidmantas Stasius. Savo kelią Aros Marine jis pradėjo 2013 m. kaip sąmatininkas. Vidmanto tuometinėje darbovietėje naujų iššūkių nenusimatė, o visų gerai pažįstamas Genadij…
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Vladimiro sėkmės istorija

Kviečiame susipažinti – Vyr. projektų vadovas Vladimir Filimoškin. Savo kelią Aros Marine jis pradėjo 2017 m. kaip projektų vadovas – Suomijoje, Helsinkyje, Meyer Turku laive. Praėjus kuriam laikui,…
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Inga Rakitaitė-Petrauskienė (3)

Women in Aros Marine #Inga Rakitaitė-Petrauskienė

In the newest “Women in Aros Marine” article, we interviewed Inga Rakitaitė – Petrauskienė, the Head of Administration in Aros French branch: Inga, what do You think are…
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Women in Aros Marine #Jurga Šiugždinytė

We are now all used to seeing strong independent women achieving their career goals and gaining positions of power. The most amazing thing is how they manage to…
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Saulius’ Success Story

In the beginning of 2019 Saulius Sakavicius started working in Aros Marine as a labourer on a vessel but thanks to his diligence and dutifulness after 6 months…
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Laurynas’ Success Story

You know they say 7 is a lucky number! And July 25th marks 7 years’ journey for Laurynas Drungilas in AROS MARINE family! Massive congratulations & we are…
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