Justė’s Success Story

Justė’s Success Story

Aros Marine success stories are back! Lawyer Justė Miškinienė‘s story in Aros Marine began in May 2019, when she joined the Law and Administration department and soon became a part of its everyday activity. After just a bit more than half a year Justė had a unique opportunity to lead one of the last year‘s strategic projects – systemization and standardization of all Aros Marine operations and processes as well as creation of a functioning management system based on ISO standards.

When asked why the project was important for her personally, Justė pointed out two things. First – Aros Marine provides opportunities to progress, to try doing something new and to grow beyond your professional limits. Second – the opportunity to get involved in all the business processes, participate in their creation and optimization, to see every “gear” and learn their importance to the whole “machine”.

It was this project that was given the „Project of the Year“ award at the annual Aros Marine award ceremony, and Justė herself was awarded as „The Helper of the Year“. Thanks to Justė for the brilliant job and contribution to constant improvement of processes as well as to ISO-standards-based functioning management system. And here goes the traditional short interview with the protagonist of the story:

What is Your favorite part of your job?
It‘s the work dynamics, finding solutions for non-standard situations and the opportunity to be creative in solving problems.

Name a professional achievement You are most proud of?
It‘s the experience which I managed to accumulate while working in very different spheres.

What inspires You the most?
Clearly visible and tangible benefit of a completed work or initiated change.

Is there a thing you could do non-stop?
There isn’t! If I named just one, a bunch of other enjoyable things I’d rather do instead would come to mind at once. 

What was the funniest story that happened to You while working in Aros Marine?
When the project was about to be finished, I accidentally deleted the whole catalogue with all the project documentation from the server… Having found out about it, one of the colleagues added to my frustration by saying, “And here I was, thinking these kinds of things only happen to FRESHMEN and their theses”. Luckily, IT specialists managed to restore the deleted documents, the colleague brought me a candy and peace in our lives was restored as well.